How much time do we spend sitting and clicking? The User Experience is a re-imagining of the interface as a mysterious bodily realm. It uses a giant heat-based screen as a backdrop for abstractly portraying the life of the designer.
“This is about windows, screens, keyboards, kiosks, sockets, and holes - or rather, about none of these things in particular and all of them simultaneously. This is about thresholds, those mysterious zones of interaction that mediate between different realities.”

  • Alexander Galloway

Creative Lead
Geoffrey P. Morgan / Tech Lead
The Pillow Project Scott Steele / Composer

The project began with an interest in manifesting the tactile visually. In 2010 I made series of 18 video works using heat as a temporal drawing medium. Each work was created by depicting the residual heat absorbed by a piece of paper as it was exposed to bodies, breath, and heat producing props.